WA State Long Term Care Numbers

At least once a month I have to update the database that Aging Safely uses for this site. My data comes from Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Service (DSHS), and only lists the current Adult Family Homes, Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities. Each month there are new facilities added to the list and old ones dropped for various reasons such as sale-and-relicense, retirement, etc. In July 2019, we changed how we process the data we get from DSHS and now can produce some simple statistics.

As of 9/27/19, there are in Washington State:

  • 3,090 Adult Family Homes (AFH) with 6 or fewer residents/beds. About half of these AFHs are within 20 miles of downtown Seattle and most are located in residential communities.
  • 541 Assisted Living Facilities. (ALF) range from 5 to 253 beds, with an average of 63 beds.
  • 211 Nursing Facilities. (NF) range from 8 to 240 beds, with an average of  95 beds.
  • Since 7/29/19 there have been 235 AFH license dropped and 212 new ones added. The highest license number is 754243.

We are now maintaining an Excel Spreadsheet with the statistics that will include the number of licenses numbers that were dropped or changed each time we update our databases.

If you use this data, please link to this page since we will be updating regularly.

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