Useful Google Search Syntax

There are many features in Google’s search that can make it easier and faster to locate what you are searching for:

  • The OR or pipe(|) operator. Search: Apple OR Microsoft
  • The synonym operator (~). Search: healthy ~food
  • The +site: operator limits the search to a specific site. Search: +site: adult family home. I find this method great when the built-in search box on a site isn’t as flexible as Google is.
  • The AROUND operator. When you search for my name you might see it as “David W. Snow”, David Snow”, “Snow, David W.” By searching for: David AROUND (3) Snow and Google will look for David within 3 words of Snow.
  • The range operator (…). I use this when looking for recent software information. Search: WordPress plugin 2016…2018. This whould limit the dates to that 3 year range. This works for dates, prices (be sure to add the currency sign $ etc.) and other number ranges.
  • The inURL: or inTitle: operators only look in  the web addresses or titles of sites for your search.
  • The quote operator (“) — if you include a phrase in quotes, Google will search for all of the words in the same order. If you quote just a single word then Google will require that the word be on the page.
  • The minus sign operator (-) — if you want to find pages that don’t have a specific word, then place a minus sign infron of it.
  • The filetype operator. If you are search for an image (.jpg, .png) or a PDF file, add the filetype:pdf operator.

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