Account Management Help

  1. Registering — Most of this site is visible by anyone. People who are requesting access to the rest of the site must fill out the registration page. This will notify the site administrator and they will approve or disapprove your account. When approved you will receive an email with the information required to log in. It is even possible that the “registration” capabilities may be disabled. If that is the case, and you feel that you have a need for an account contact Click on Log In in the upper right corner. On the next screen click on Register. Fill in the form with your desired Username and Email.
    1. We like to have Username as First.Lastname when possible. We will contact you via email about why you need an account.
    2. Password must be 8 or more characters long. It should contain a number and both Upper and Lower case letters.
    3. The login screen has a check-box for Remember Login.  This feature is useful if you don’t have to share your computer with other users.

Type too Small?

  1. If you are using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox for your browser, then try “Ctrl +” for larger type, “Ctrl -” for smaller type and “Ctrl 0” to reset the type size. You can hit this key several times to have very large type.  NOTE: On a Mac use “Command +” or “Command-“.

When things aren’t working as you expect on this web site.

  1. This web site uses internet cookies and javascript, like most modern sites. These must be enabled in your browser. See Google’s instructions for enabling cookies and javascript.
  2. This site is optimized for modern web browsers.  If pages display poorly, please consider upgrading to a more modern browser.
  3. Printing:  It is usually possible to print the entire page via your browser’s print function. The Listed Homes page has issues with printing from the browser’s print function. It and a few other pages contain a “Print Page” button.  If a page has this please use it. It will print the page without any menus. The table of Listed Homes prints best in landscape mode which you will have to select in your browser’s print dialog box.
  4. Broken Links: If you find a link that takes you to the wrong place or ends with a “404 Error” please notify