David Snow

David Snow worked in the computer industry for 33+ years with Dow Jones New Service, Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq and finally Hewlett Packard.  He is currently Chief Technology Officer for Aging Safely Inc. (www.AgingSafely.com). This company matches medically complex seniors with Long Term Care facilities in Washington State. He is also the WebMaster, Data Protection & Intellectual Property Officer, and Bookkeeper.

Dave designed his first 100,000-page dynamic website in 1994, long before Ajax, javascript, and CSS were really usable. He was the designer of Aging Safely’s first website in 2006. It was fully-responsive from the beginning, before smartphones and other small devices required it.

In 2019 Aging safely needed to update its website because the tools that it relied on DotNetNuke, Open Web Studio, and PageBlaster which were no longer well supported. This WordPress website is the result.

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