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Gardenia Afh, Inc. - Bothell, WA - (AFH: 752587)

Provider: Rodica Baban, LPN
Gardenia Afh, Inc.  
920 218th Pl. SE Bothell, WA 98021
Phone: (425) 806-6930

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Gardenia Afh, Inc. is an Adult Family Home (AFH) that will consider medically complex patients.

  • 5 single rooms with private bath. With a vacancy.
  • 1 single rooms with shared bath.

Gardenia Afh, Inc. has the following speciality licenses: Dementia, Mental Health.

They provide the following services:

  • A Nurse is the provider
  • They have a primary care physician available (House Doctor) who will make house calls and accepts Medicare
  • Awake night shift
  • Two Person Assists and/or Hoyer Lift
  • Caregivers certified for delegation of insulin
  • Injection capability
  • Hospice and End of Life
  • Ostomy Care
  • Care for clients with a Peg Tube
  • Rehabilitation
  • Accepts Wanderers
  • Accepts Exit Seekers
  • Accepts residents that are resistive to care
  • Care for clients with history of Drug/Alcohol Abuse
  • Care for Traumatic Brain Injured
  • Care for clients after a Stroke
  • Care for clients on Oxygen
  • Care for clients with MS or Parkinson's disease
  • Would consider Respite Care
  • Would consider Wound Care
  • Would consider taking a client's small pet
  • Accepts Medicaid with conditions
  • The basic services provide by all long-term care facilities (room, board, laundry, etc.)
  • They provide an activities program that takes into consideration the residents needs, interests and capabilities
  • In addition to English their staff also speaks: Romanian, French, Hungarian.

The residents typically come from Bothell, Kenmore, Brier, Woodinville, Lake Forest Park, Mountlake Terrace, and other nearby comunities.They come from; their own homes, retirement communities, assisted living, boarding homes, rehab facilities, nursing homes and other similar senior/elder care facilities.

Gardenia Afh, Inc. has been a valued customer of Aging Safely since 2007.

Gardenia Afh, Inc. and its staff are experienced with: hospice and end-of-life, stroke, oxygen, two-person-assists and/or Hoyer lift, ostomy care, peg tubes, MS and Parkinson's, managing patients who are Wanderers, exit-seekers, resistive to care. They have caregivers certified for delegation of insulin. They have injection capability. They have a primary care physician available (House Doctor) who will make house calls and accepts Medicare and Medicaid.

Call Rodica Baban, LPN at (425) 806-6930 for more information or an appointment to view the facility.

Please mention that you learned about Gardenia Afh, Inc. from Aging Safely's website when you call.
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