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Tessas Adult Care Home Inc. - Lynnwood, WA - (AFH: 364204)

Provider: Maria Smith
Tessas Adult Care Home Inc.  
5425 172nd St. SW Lynnwood, WA 98037
Phone: (425) 772-1824

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Tessas Adult Care Home Inc. is a 6 bed Adult Family Home that that is not currently a subscriber of Aging Safely's Web Services.

    Tessas Adult Care Home Inc. has the following speciality licenses: Dementia, Mental Health.

    They provide the following services:

    Tessas Adult Care Home Inc. is not a current customer of Aging Safely. Our limited data is only what DSHS makes public. Subscribers to our Web Services have more information and photos displayed because we know more about thier facilities. If you work for this Adult Family Home, see our Web Services page for more information about our services.

    Call Maria Smith at (425) 772-1824 for more information or an appointment to view the facility.

    Please mention that you learned about Tessas Adult Care Home Inc. from Aging Safely's website when you call.
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