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Account Management Help

  1. Registering --- Most of this site is visible by anyone. People who are requesting access to the rest of the site must fill out the registration page. This will notify the site administrator and they will approve or disapprove your account. When approved you will receive an email with information required to login. It is even possible that the "registration" capabilities may be disabled. If that is the case, and you feel that you have a need for an account contact

    Click on Register in the upper right corner. Fill in the form.
    1. User Name  and  Display Name should be the same.   First.Lastname is always a good choice.
    2. Email Address  MUST be correct.  You will receive and email with the required information to login shortly after completing the registration process.
    3. Password must be 7 or more characters long. Ideally it should contain a number and both Upper and Lower case letters, however we don't enforce this.
    4. After you get the email message and try for the first time to login you will go to a screen for one-time  additional information. You only need to fill in the fields that have the red arrow icon, indicating that they are required. These include Accept Terms?"  and one for what Company/AFH  that you represent.  If you are not in the industry and are just trying to place your loved one the type in self.
    5. The login screen has a check-box for Remember Login.  This feature is useful if you don't have to share your computer with other users.
  2. Changing Your Password or Updating Account information --- Login and click on your Username  in the upper right corner. From there you can update most information, either on that screen or by clicking on Manage Password,  Manage Profile, or Manage Credentials.
  3. Forgot Your Password? --- Click on Login in the upper right corner. Click on Forgot Password?  on the login screen and the system will email the password to the email address registered for the Username that was entered.
  4. Email Address change? ---  Go to #2 above and change your email address.
  5. Changed EmailAddress and forgot your Username --- Your are in big trouble ... Contact and expect a lot of questions to authenticate your identity.

Type too Small?

  1. If you are using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer  or Firefox  for your browser, then try "Ctrl +" for larger type, "Ctrl -" for smaller type and "Ctrl 0" to reset the type size. You can hit this key several times to have very large type.  NOTE: On a Mac use "Command +" or "Command-".

When things aren't working as you expect on this web site.

  1. This web site uses internet cookies and javascript, like most modern sites. These must be enabled in your browser. See Google's instructions for enabling cookies and javascript. If you want to test if Javascript and Cookies are enabled in your web browser as well as it version visit this site
  2. This web site uses Microsoft's ASP.NET 4.0 technology. As a result it brings up some new pages in a manor that interacts poorly with pop-up blockers. An example, is the print icon on most pages. This will bring up a new widow or tab with just the part of the page you want to print. If you get pop-up blocker messages, please enable pop-ups for this site. We won't abuse your trust and cover your screen with pop-ups.
  3. Web sites can have access to some information about your browser and system. has a nice page that shows this information. IP
  4. This site is optimized for modern web browsers.  We test how the pages display on older browsers as well as Macintosh's Safari browser. If pages display poorly, please consider upgrading to a more modern browser. 
  5. Printing:  It is usually possible to print the entire page via your browser's print function. The Listed Homes page has issues with printing from the browser's print function. It and and a few other pages contain a  Print Page button instead.  If a page has this please use it. It will print the page without any menus. The table of Listed Homes prints best in landscape mode which you will have to select in your browser's print dialog box. Also several pages end with a Printer Friendly Page button, this button will bring up the contents of this page as a PDF page so that you can print it or email it easily. If you need a PDF viewer, you can get one from Adobe for free.
  6. Broken Links: If you find a link that takes you to the wrong place or ends with a "404 Error" please notify
  7. The Yellow-Screen General Exception: If by chance you get the yellow screen with the details of an Exception. Please try the following to see if they will make the problem go away:
    1. Click on the Back button on your browser to get back to the previous page. Then repeat the operation.
    2. Close your browser and restarted then look at the failing page.
    3. Email with information of the error and failing page.
  8. Web Browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox "cache" data. When you are having a problem sometimes it helps to clear the cache. With Internet Explorer if you hold the "Ctrl" down and click  the curved arrows to the right of address bar this will clear the cache. In Firefox if you hold the "Shift Key" down and click on the round arrow to the left of the address bar, this will clear the cache.


Help with Search

In the upper right corner of the screen is a text box and the word Search. Typing a word in the box and clicking Search, will produce a list of pages containing that word. Entering multiple words in the box will search for pages containing ANY of the words. Adding a "+" in front of a word means that the word must be included on the page. Adding a "-" in front of a word means that it should not be on the page. Upper/lower case doesn't matter when searching. You can't use quotes indicate that words must be adjacent. The following examples work on this site:

  • Searching for Dotti Dave  will produce a list of pages containg either other Dave OR Dotti
  • Searching for +dotti +dave will produce a list of pages containg both Dave AND Dotti
  • Searching for +Dave -Dotti  will produce a list of pages containg Dave and NOT Dotti

Help with Java

Aging Safely's web site doesn't require that your computer have Java installed. However, we occasionally use presentation tools that do. If you are told that you need to confirm if Java is installed, please click here. This web site will check if Java is installed and if necessary direct you to the lastest version.

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