Selecting an Adult Family Home Placement Service


It has been our experience, that particularly with complex medical issues, a RN Professional Placement Service generally does the most complete job.  A hands on RN will use not only her professional nursing skills, but also her knowledge of AFH's to correctly place a client.  Regardless, your time involved, stress, and anxiety should all be greatly reduced.

It is never easy to place a client into an Adult Family Home. This is not the real estate business, but a specialty within the medical world. Many factors need to be taken into consideration before a placement occurs and is successful. If you are seeking professional help finding an appropriate facility for your loved one, we suggest you expect the following from your placement service:

  • No medical or demographic information about you or your parent should be released by the placement service without a signed consent form that explains exactly what, where, and how this information is going to be used. That is the law.
  • Expect an initial screening telephone interview from the placement service, however that MUST be followed by an actual visit with you and the client for a professional assessment of medical and safety needs. Expect to grant access to appropriate medical records for this assessment and the asking of many questions about what has been and is now important to the daily life of the client.
  • Expect your placement service to identify a minimum of three appropriate facilities that they have assessed, and to absolutely understand the skill level of the caregivers. The placement service should also have a good understanding of the existing clients in that facility so as to ensure compatibility between clients.
  • Expect your placement service to accompany you when you visit those facilities. You may not know exactly what questions to ask the provider and your placement service should step in and ask them for you.
  • Expect that your placement service will do follow-up visits and phone calls to check on the client. If there is a problem with care or the AFH, they should immediately be there with you as the client’s advocate---at no extra charge.

The business of placing elders into long term care facilities began decades ago. The billing tradition of this business was set at that time, and remains to this day. Your placement service will receive payment by the facility when the private-pay client is successfully placed. The private-pay rates in this community vary from 50% of one month’s rent to some services charging as much as 100% of one month’s rent. That is a considerable amount of money and you should expect absolutely personalized and professional service. Aging Safely charges 75% of one month’s fee to the Adult Family Home for a placement. There is no fee charged for placements done through our web-hosted AFH's if our Professional Placement Service is not involved.

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